The soundtrack to Belushi’s Toilet is the work of many leading electronic artists. The individual tracks are available to listen and purchase from the stores below. You can also preview a selection of the tracks on the Spotify Belushi’s Toilet Soundtrack playlist.

Anthony Atcherley – Beef

Anthony Atcherley – Detroit

Anthony Atcherley – Radio Rental

Anthony Atcherley – Under Siege

Binster – Broken Lighthouse Initiative

Binster – Here’s the Thing

Binster – Shadows

Chris Abbott – Elevator Chords

Chris Abbott and Alistair Bowness – Delta

DJ Nee – Like a Drug

Follow Me – A Mission Nocturnal (Coming soon)

Justice & Mercy – Fake Lobsters

Justice & Mercy – Soothe My Soul

L.S.G – Netherworld

Marcel Donné – Impulse

Marcel Donné – Infected

Marcel Donné – Lifetimes

Marcel Donné – Revelation

Marcel Donné – Sanquinoxe

Matt Gray – Air of Perdition

Matt Gray – Mega Apocalypse

Matt Gray – Treasure Island Dizzy

Obviously High – My Body

Obviously High – The Darker Side of Prague

Ochre – Weak Transponder

Raul Rincon & Phonk of Future – Like a Saxmachine

Rob Hubbard – Thing On A Spring (Coming soon)

Sidman 64 – Bangkok Knights Loader (Coming soon)

Slipmatt – Breaking Free (Original Mix)

Slipmatt – Breaking Free (Slipmatt & Rocket Pimp Remix)

Solar Fields – No Answer

Solar Fields – Time Slide

Solar Fields – Zone 12

StardonE – Space Romance

Stellardrone – Open Cluster

Stellardrone – Red Giant

The Moog – Golden Shower

The Moog – Jungle Muffin (Remastered Mix)

The Moog – Rush Hour (Obviously High Remix)

Tonka – Wizball High Score/Bonus Level

Visa Röster – Thrust (Coming soon)