Our Story

Originally produced as a single season web series of 6 short episodes, the production grew into a 2-hour feature film, incorporating many of the characters and actors from the original series.

The movie is written, directed and edited by UK oldskool DJ and musician Andrew Wright (aka ‘The Moog’), the creator of numerous jungle techno and hardcore anthems back in the early 90s.

Asked how he felt about the move from web series to feature film, Andrew replied, “I’d always dreamed about the web series becoming a feature film, but a lot of different pieces had to come together to make it possible. The attention we got from the web series enabled us to meet the right industry contacts, and build the best team.”

Asked about his inspiration for the film, Andrew reminisces, “I still look back with nostalgia on the early 90s UK rave scene. It was the birth of a sub-culture. I wanted to make a movie that could recapture that era, but viewed as being historical or retro, as if you were going to a 60s or 70s music night today.”

Andrew also called on some famous friends to contribute. He continued, “I was very fortunate to get old friends and DJs from back in the day involved, such as Slipmatt, Billy Daniel Bunter, Justice, and Anthony Atcherley, as well as numerous other rave, synthwave and chiptune musicians, such as Matt Gray and Martin Galway.”

“I was also determined that this story realistically show both sides, the ups and downs, of using recreational drugs. In fact, at the beginning, you may get the impression it’s all fun and games, but as the story progresses, things really start to unravel. With the modern-day problems of fentanyl overdoses, bad batches of MDMA, and criminalizing less fortunate members of society, the discussion on legalization needs to take place. I’ll leave it up to the audience to decide if my vision of the future is a world they want to live in.”