Slang Glossary

Some of the futuristic slang used in Belushi’s Toilet is rooted in British slang the writers used back in the 1990s, as well as other words and phrases created just for the production. Here’s a handy guide to the future slang terms used in the film!

MashedadjectiveHeavily inebriated by any form of drug that inhibits a ‘normal’ type of human perception.

GurningverbTo twist up ones face by chewing and bringing the chin closer to the nose. A common side-effect of many stimulants.

PluckingverbTo pull at ones skin as if plucking a chicken. An unfortunate side-effect of anticholinergic deliriant drugs, such as the tropane alkaloids from Datura.

WakenounA mild, snorted stimulant intended for everyday use, with an effect similar to coffee. Dispensed from a pressurized inhaler that is cracked open by hitting the base on a solid surface.

WakerynounA coffee shop style location that sells Wake to the public.

TurkishnounA potent blend of tranquilizing drugs mixed with sage and onion in a small ball. Also sold in Wakeries.

SaltnounChewable electrolytes used to combat dehydration from constant drug use.

VacationverbTo take a break from drugs for a short period, in an attempt to regain ones sanity.

PillingverbTo mass produce a drug in pill form.

AlternatenounA highway used only by luddite human-operated vehicles. Usually blocked by accidents caused by inebriated drivers.

Jambalayaverb, nounTo create a random and potentially dangerous mix of any drugs that are easily available.

Multi-pants FiestaverbSexual intercourse.